Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rainy Days

Ever have a plan to go out and capture that image you've been thinking about only to have it rain? It has been a strange summer here in Lutsen. June was cold and wet. Then we had a few weeks of beautiful weather and now we are in a cool and  rainy season again. Yesterday I checked the weather radar as saw the rain coming. I decided to not let that get in the way of my shooting. I am trying to work on a more disciplined approach to my shooting days. Attempting to take advantage of each day. My idea was to try to get some stock shots of traffic in the rain along highway 61.  I drove into the coming rain. And rain it did…in sheets. So heavy at times that as I sat along side the road other cars pulled off behind me to wait it out, no doubt thinking I had the same intent. Here is one of the shots. Not quite what I was hoping for but fun anyway. I did not focus on the cars but on the rain drops hitting my windshield. This softened the whole scene producing a surreal feeling. I especially like the blurred headlights and their reflection. 

Everyday presents a new photo opportunity… so keep looking and shoot!