Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall 2012!

By far my favorite time of year is fall. Warm days, cool crisp nights and COLOR! I live on the north shore of Lake Superior in Lutsen, Minnesota. Our fall color comes quickly and leaves us only with memories just as fast. Color peaks between September 15th and the 28th, hotels are full, highway 61 is lined with cars and the state parks fill with color seekers. It is always best to book a hotel room far in advance. When I first moved here I worked in a hotel, (the Mountain Inn) and every year we would have a line of visitors asking about room availability. With no rooms open at any hotel from Lutsen to Grand Marais I could only tell them about National forest campgrounds that may have an open space.
This year we had a house guest and I had truck trouble which limited my time in the field. With more time after peak I concentrated on macro shots to tell the fall story. One added benefit of fall shooting is frost. I love frost! So many new opportunities to show the changing of the season. I have been experimenting with HDR (High Dynamic Range) this fall. HDR is the combining of exposures in high contrast scenes. The range of exposure is decided by the photographer. My frost shots here are HDR. The added exposure range really helps pop the frost and the color.
Frost on leaves HDR

Hoar Frost edges HDR

Back lit leaves at sunset
HDR Temperance River
HDR Cascade River, Cascade River State Park

                                         Everyday presents a new photo opportunity so KEEP shooting!!!