Sunday, August 19, 2012

She looking at me!

When a friend texted to ask me if I had a macro lens I replied yes not knowing what he had in mind.
Arriving at his house he showed me this spider sitting on her web stretched across the spokes of a bicycle, guarding her egg sack. I grabbed my camera bag and went to work. The blur across the spiders legs was caused by an out of focus spoke. It was windy and the sun lit the scene sporadically so I  mounted my D700 on a tripod to get the shot. I tightly cropped the first shot in photoshop to emphasize her stare.

1/200th @ F2.8, ISO 200 Focal length of 86mm
1/250th @F 4.5 ISO 200 90mm
I believe this is a black and yellow argiope (are-JI-o-pee) spider or a common Orb/Garden spider. If not please let me know!

Keep shooting and have Fun!