Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall along the Superior Hiking Trail

Well I am just now finding my way back to the blog. Had a busy fall hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, working mostly between the Ski Hill back to the Caribou Trail. Fall color was the best ever in my 11 years in Lutsen. Here are some of the shots I captured this fall. I concentrated on using a graduated neutral density filter. The shots on the Popular River overlook had the sun high in the sky and using the filter helped balance out this high contrast scene. 
A graduated filter slowly tapers off from dark to clear. I can easily lose the transition in the tree line allowing me to darken the sky to a greater degree. I also could have used a hard line filter. I would then have placed the hard edge in a dark area making it unnoticed. In retrospect a hard line split neutral density filter may have been a better choice. I used a Cokin filter. The Cokin system uses a ring which screws into your lens. Then you mount a filter holder. The last step is to slide a square filter into place. I can slide this filter up and down to position the transition to where I need to darken the scene. This way I do not have to reposition my camera on the tripod. With the Cokin system you will not be able to use your lens hood. I did have to consider lens flare on each shot.  You may also buy circular filters which screw into your lens. A better choice for controlling lens flare. Each filter allows you to rotate so you can get creative and use the filter at any angle. Both will get the job done.

Below are two shots of Lake Agnes from the east campsite and a little farther east before the campsite. 

Here are two shots from the Popular River overlook to the west past Lake Agnes.

Lutsen is pretty dull now that the leaves have fallen. I am looking forward to some snow to liven up the landscapes I hope to shoot. The northern lights (aurora borealis) were out last night. I am hoping to get out to capture some night time beauty soon.

Everyday presents a new photo opportunity...so keeping looking and shoot!