Saturday, March 3, 2012


 Landscape photography will test your resolve. It may even push your patience to the edge.  A good landscape photographer is a patient one. Dramatic light is best beginning one half hour before sunrise and will have you waiting for the perfect last light of the day one half hour or later after sundown. You may find yourself riding out the rain hoping for a dramatic sky as the clouds clear or kneeling on hard rocks along a shoreline as you watch the sky turn to a glowing yellow, orange or pink. Arriving early to set up increases your chance of a great exposure. Using a tripod is highly recommended. The tripod gives you a stable base and allows long exposures necessary for the lower light at sunrise and sunset. If possible scout the area during mid day so you know the elements you wish to include in your scene. Being prepared with tripod, filters, and composition in mind all lead to the framed image on your wall. Great photography requires thinking, planning and patience!
The following images were both taken during sunrise at Cascade River State Park on the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. The Cascade River flows into Lake Superior which creates an interesting patterns between flowing river water and waves on Lake Superior. I used a Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter set at the horizon to help cut the contrast in the scene. Shot at F/22 with an ISO of 160.

Everyday presents a new photo keep looking and shoot!