Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Appaloosa Deer

March is my favorite time to slip into Cascade State Park where there are plenty of deer to photograph. Warmer temperatures and strong sunshine exposes the dead grass. The park fills with whitetails. You also see deer stand up to feed on the lower cedar branches. I hunted for a good shot when I saw a deer covered with snow. She had a great polka dot pattern. But I soon remembered it was 40 degrees! That was not snow. 

The deer is a piebald deer. Piebald is a genetic trait that happens in one of about one thousand deer. The trait is not passed on to offspring. The park ranger told me the deer had been around for a couple of years. The rangers had nicknamed her the Appaloosa deer after the common coloring of Appaloosa horses.

I often use my truck as a blind. The deer are not alarmed but they are alert.  Remember to turn off your engine. This reduces camera shake, especially if you use the window for support.

If you are near the park, ride through and you too may see the Appaloosa deer.

Everyday presents a new photo opportunity… so keep looking and shoot!

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