Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gunflint Mail Run 2012

Celly! Hey Celly I'm almost out!

The 2012 running of the Gunflint Mail Run is over. What a great time we had! The race came together beautifully and 16 teams competed. With a 4 pm start time we prepared ourselves for some great night shooting. Each of us had an idea to try out but Jessica Jasek Nailed it! See her work at
 I tried some low light to no light long exposures and got some fun images.
I had a great group of fellow photogs to shoot with and enjoyed shooting alongside them. My thanks to Kit, George, Stephan, and of course Jessica! Great shooting with you and I appreciate your friendships.

Future Lead Dog....I wanna run with the big dogs!

Light Trails: Lead dog and musher lights go surreal with long exposure.

Politickin': Ban the" Pebble Mine"

A surreal Peter McClelland on the trail.

Fading Light

Ghost Team

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