Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reducing Sun Flares

I've been learning more and more as I study photography. I am taking an online course to help me improve my skills. Thanks to my online instructor, Sean Arbabi at PPSOP (, I learned a new way to help reduce sun flare. I never thought to try blocking the sun with an element in the scene. In this shot I used the pine tree to partially block the sun. It was windy so I took a number of shots trying to time it correctly to produce the starred sun through the pine branch. The scene was shot at F/22, 1/50th sec at 100 ISO. If we just keep listening and seeking advice we can all learn to become better photographers. We will always be learning throughout our careers. Never be afraid to try something new, your image my surprise you.

Everyday presents a new photo opportunity....keep learning and shoot!

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